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CSP Schedule Converter

This is a chrome page action that will, once added to your chrome browser, insert a 'Download Calendar' button on your normal Mysam page of the CSP website. The new button is located under the 'Team Tools' box. Once clicked it provides you with a pop-up window. This window includes buttons that will generate either an ics or csv calendar file that you can import into your Outlook, iCal or Gmail calendars.

Science Fiction Tower Power

A game implemented in HTML5 to help you master basic mathematics. Answer the problems correctly and you destroy the invading alien spaceships and gain points. Incorrectly and they cost you points. If you cannot destroy a ship before it reaches your planet, it will crash and cost you even more points. Images of the spaceships used in the game are listed below. Constructed using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and some jQuery.

Images and Icons

FlamingLunchbox Icon
Curvy Banner
Cribbage Banner
Cribbage Icon
Cribbage Ad
Cribbage Settings button
Cribbage Information button
Cribbage Help button
Betwixt Kickstarter Banner
Orange Spaceship
Green Spaceship
Blue Spaceship
Purple Spaceship

Writing of a technical and reflective nature

I consider my blog to be part of my portfolio. Within it you can see what programming and web development I've learned. Examples of my technical writing are also found there and you can gather an idea of who I am from my reflective posts regarding recovery. To view more specific examples look under my comment column on the right. There you can find a list of the various subject matters I discuss on my blog.