The MIT lectures I’m following have a great instructor leading the lectures. He throws candy at his students, and hits them or others near them, often. :)  Not to mention he discusses the topics intelligently and with good articulation.

He’s a decent orator, however I’ve been finding that to make true sense of his discussions that reviewing the reading material first may be in order.  I’ve been watching the lectures first, to get more background before I do the readings, and having done half of the readings today I am noticing the readings are making a ton more sense.  As with most courses, looks like much of the reading is necessary for true comprehension.  I may have to withhold lecture viewing, where I get to see more kids pelted with sugar packets, until more of the reading is completed.  I’ll get back to you on how that goes.

One of the things I’m running into, is the need for a strong understanding of mathematical logic in order to make the most of this coursework.  Most of my background is in a variety of languages, historical and cultural backgrounds.  I have two bachelors (German, Medieval studies), and a minor (English).  As you can see, my mathematical background is minimal.  This is unlike Robey, my partner, whose studies range into doctorate level coursework.  This is not to say that my personal ability to grasp mathematical concepts is difficult, quite to the contrary.  My own studies in Math are limited, however my other training (linguistic and cultural), I feel, provides me with a good base.  

Despite my confidence in my abilities, I am sure to prove myself wrong here very soon.  Delving into new territories always proves ones inability before true ability and understanding takes its place.