I try to start most mornings now with crunches and a protein shake.  I swear, a strong core is the solution to so many health problems.  I wish more people enjoyed crunches the way I do.    

Time for more learning and programming today.  Hopefully it will treat me better than yesterday.  
Yesterday was a long day, one full of depression and anxiety.  I ended up playing Tales of Monkey Island for 4 or 5 hours.  If I wasn’t in a ‘short on cash’ mode, I might have done something else.  I normally visit a couple friends of mine, good friends, who do massage and facials.  I never used to partake much in the relaxation arts, but once my work life and subsequent stress started getting the better of me such visits became a mainstay.  Now I enjoy supporting their business, as seeing them always leaves me in a better mood.  I usually would see them once a month when I was employed.   

To add on to my list of downers, for about 5 months I’ve been having some pretty serious issues with my left leg.  They have been serious enough that I’ve been seeing a Physical Therapist for it.  Normally I’m fairly physically active, playing on several soccer teams, so being injured has been a trying experience.  Normally I see many of my friends when playing soccer, or afterwards.  Having that mainstay activity out of my schedule has been very frustrating.  So, in order to speed my recovery, I’ve also been seeing my friend who does deep tissue massage.  Slowly improvements are occurring, and I’m noticing an increase in overall “wellness”, as it were.

I simply cannot emphasize how much massages make me a happier person.  I say, If you’re stressed, seriously, go get a massage.