Part of assisting with the development of Flaminglunchbox, was my ‘take over’ of the website so to speak.  I must say, that learning HTML is exciting.  Not to mention seeing how CSS is used to support HTML in designing and creating websites.  Today was mostly devoted towards recognizing the connections between the HTML code and then updating it as necessary.  It’s amazing the flexibility it gives you.  How easy it was to adjust and maneuver the header.  Or how you can simply create certain designs and then use a key phrase to use them on whichever page you choose.  When I used to write or my blog on Livejournal back in 2003-04 I would use some minor HTML coding in order to emphasize bold, italics, underline, and linking.  I’m very glad I had seen this information before, as to see the code and recognize how it works was kind of a refresher today.  I’ll tell you, refreshing that test page is a treat.

Tomorrow I’m allowing myself some time to work on this blog’s HTML.  It should be a bit different, because for the most part I will only be adjusting one page and mainly the CSS.  I’ll also have a lot more free reign.  I think.  Honestly I’m still learning so I’m not exactly sure what to expect.

Quick question:  how does one, being self employed, really get away with allowing oneself a sick day?  It’s seems like quite a tricky thing.  Another question.  How does one recover self worth when flashes of the pain you felt during a previous job continue to haunt you?  When images of how it made you feel about yourself are always lurking, waiting for something else to get you down.  Then they hook into you, and pull you further into the abyss of self loathing.

The only thing that makes my current self employment feel gratifying (besides the work itself), is an increase in sales.  With part of successful entrepreneurship being luck, I’m guessing the main goal is to find a way to make the work pay for itself.  That way as long as the work is gratifying, I’m satisfied.  Not to mention that setting your own hours is a truly beautiful thing.  I There are always pluses to be found.