Without a doubt these past two days have been fantastic and brutal at the same time.  As I am now self employed, I did the needed thing and went and requested the government for food stamps.  Yeah nice government workers!  Woo Food Stamps.  Now Robey and I can still eat, while we are attempting to scrounge up some money and pay our bills while we start up this company.  

Go FlamingLunchbox, GO!

Anyways.  I’ve been neck deep in HTML and CSS editing for our website over the past two days.  While it was, quote ‘fantastic’ it was also a bit brutal.  There were several expletives shouted at my laptop.  My laptop remained, thankfully, patient.  Once or twice when running Inkscape, the program crashed before I had saved the new image I had been working on.  That created another line of expletives.  Then some angry hand waving at the cats, and Robey attempting to explain that large images don’t work well with laptops with low memory.  Not to mention when and where to use GIMP versus Inkscape.  Working with open source programs is good, however until we can purchase the hardware I am imagining other instances of the following:


>>> wavinghands = “Inkscape is crashing”
>>> #$%**!! = “Please don’t yell at me, I am simply a helpful device attempting to assist you.”
>>> wavinghands + ?#$%**!!
Why do you make me do this?


Trebuchet, another day...