Another day filled with HTML and CSS madness.  Sometimes trying to get that one single thing to drop into the right location can be quite exasperating.  

So, I met a co-worker from an older position I had in town for lunch today.  We ended up meeting for lunch in a location very near my most recent place of employment.  Part of me was high-strung, in case I ran into an old co-worker.  I was very tense.  It probably helps a fair amount that I’ve been having less nightmares, otherwise walking to meet her could have induced a panic attack.  

I’ve been more productive in my daily work, which is extremely helpful on the financial side of things.  Well, hopefully it will be.  I’m continuing to work on the readings for the MIT course, and I’ve watched three lectures now.  I’ve added to my regimen of work/education the reading of similarly themed book.  The Cathedral and the Bazaar; Musings on linux and open source by an accidental revolutionary, by Eric S. Raymond. It begins by discussing the history of the Internet (or ARPANET).  It also discusses computers and programming that I’ve never even heard about.  I wonder how the strides in technology over these past 20 years will be viewed in history.  I wonder if they’re in any high school text books yet.  I still remember using MS-DOS to get into Simon the Sorcerer, or the old green screen Oregon Trail. Duke Nukem.....there was a fun game. Simplistic yet addicting.  How will the gaming industry, and the boom in computer and gaming systems be seen by future generations?