Disclaimer: This blog was written previous to the initial launch of BLTP.

Gimp, my new best friend.  I’ve been playing around with Gimp, making backgrounds and other helpful things for my things for my Blog.  And finally, my blog in it’s entirety is coming around. Hopefully soon I will be able to post my first real entry.  By the time you read this you will have seen my backgrounds and other such works for a while, but let me tell you, there’s been lots of head banging (see the non-international version of this phrase for clarification, aka banging of head). Learning how to use CSS and HTML has been the main culprit.  Learning about nesting and how things are set together, that has by far been the part that comes in phases.  I’ve been steered towards some very useful resources, so for those of you who want to learn how to make your own website definitely look at W3schools and CSS Zen Garden.  For those of you who already know how to, please let me know of any resources you use that you find helpful.  I am all ears.

In learning about HTML and CSS, I’ve seen just how much can be done within the CSS in making a simple HTML look fantastic.  I’m interested in learning how Javascript plays a role as well, but want to have a firmer grasp before I delve into it.  For those of you who use Javascript, what do you find it useful for?  Is it something that helps more with animation, or do you find that it simplifies other tasks as well?

One item that I need to work on is my ability to set up HTML more simplistically. I’m constantly loosing track of my divs.  

A div is a term that is used to help identify different sections of your webpage.  To use a div you must start it and end it. If you don’t end it, whatever coloring theme you have in that section will continue down the rest of the page.  In other words, never loose track of your divs.  

I’ve got this odd slight setting to the right on a couple of pages I built for the FlamingLunchbox website.  I’ve been told (Robey, or partner), that it must be my divs.  Honestly, I’m afraid to look at the page.  The coloring scheme I set up uses divs all over the place and it makes viewing that page a pain.  And as it goes, it seems that an increase in divs encourages severe head banging.