Even if this blog never brings anything to our venture, I must say that writing it is extremely cathartic.  Revisiting my emotions surrounding the events that took place.  Writing about them, remembering them.  My dreams, my nightmares about my experiences, they are dwindling.  Less and less do I relive my pain during my sleep.  More often I find myself waking up with energy and excitement at learning something each day.  Energy for creating something, working on building a business.  Building a business in some areas that I know nothing about.  It’s incredibly scary.  At this point I would have it no other way.

One of the hardest parts about trying this venture is the constant criticism and concerns Robey and I hear from others.  Others who could or would never do such a thing on their own.  So many people are afraid to try something like this.  

“It’s so risky.”  

I’m sure many are also thinking of what it might mean to them, if we fail.  You can learn about hope and faith...but to truly know it...that’s the trick isn’t it?  I don’t think many in my situation know what it’s like.  So many people go through life simply working for other people.  To take full control like this, is a rarity.  Each day is a fight to try to make sure you have the money to pay rent, the money to pay your phone bill.  You’re having to teach yourself things, and learn every day because you don’t have others to lean on.  Robey and I are in this together, and we only truly have each other.