The past two days have been very trying.  I’ve been working, putting most of the finishing touches on my blog, however I know even now that it’s going to be finished.  I have tons of touches to work on.  
I find it humorous to be writing this post now, as I just posted my first post for the blog.  Time, you are fickle...trying to trick me, and everyone else!  I know your game!
Now that my blog is out there (mostly), I’ll get back to my MIT coursework and readings.  I’m been neglecting them.  However, as it’s 11:14 in the evening, I think I might play some delicious Monkey Island instead.  Lair of the Leviathan.
I wonder how my blog will be doing once this post gets up there?  I think I’m going to take a bet and say I’m expecting to see 20 posts, and at least 10 comments total.  I might be shooting too low.  But let’s see!    
End Results:
Total Posts: 24 (woo!)
Total Comments: 7 (awww...)
But honestly, My blog is doing other things for me that are way more important than how many people comment on it. Firstly, It's keeping me consistent during the work week. I have to post a blog each day of the work week and I have completed that task. That, of itself, creates that building something feeling inside. It's gooey, like a marshmallow.
Also, I have 4 more posts because I added in content about what I was working on (advertisements and comics), so I was able to talk about what I was working on. Both of which have helped to increase my pride in the work and learning I've been doing. Anyways, thanks to all who read my blog. I know it's helping me, and your comments mean a great deal.