I find it hilarious how uncomfortable people get, when I joke about being unemployed.  I’m actually self employed, but I’m just not making any money right now.  Although honestly aren’t they the same thing?  It would be nice if it were a more comfortable topic for others, because I’m so happy right now.  Learning new things, challenging myself, daily working longer hours.  It doesn’t feel bad and I don’t feel irresponsible, it just feels great.  I haven’t felt this good about myself and the work I do for a long time.  I can actually choose to work those longer hours, and challenge myself to be better and more amazing at what I do, because it makes a difference and I see it each day.  I don’t have to go through tons of people to get it approved.  Yes, it’s scary as hell.  I wouldn’t say I’m an amazingly talented person either.  I’ve some ability overall, but making this business successful...I want to make it work.  I think the dedication here is what makes the difference.  The grunt work that I need to work on each day is not nearly as droning, as I know what it gets me.  I see the results.    


I think many people would find that they too have more ability and creativity than they thought, if they had the time to devote to it.  That is, if they weren’t in jobs that made them unhappy already.  That last thought, that honestly may be one of the major reasons why so many people don’t wish to talk to me about my unemployment/self employment.  They are working jobs that make them unhappy, they don’t feel that they can do anything about it.  They may be jealous, and wish the same for themselves.  Whatever it is, I know I’m just speculating.  Until I’m actually earning enough to pay rent I don’t know if I can really say much besides I’m enjoying myself.  

After thinking about this, I came up with a list of the things about my new position that make me happy.  Things that I feel, if employers could provide them to their employees, would make employees feel so much happier at their jobs.  

  1. Flexibility is provided, because people have a life outside of work
  2. Trusting that their employees want to get the job done
  3. Understanding in that we are human, and do human things
  4. An avid wish to provide professional development opportunities
  5. An environment where making mistakes is understood to be part of the learning process
All of these things are contigent upon the employer also not doing horrid things. Such things can include but are not limited to:
  • Lying to their superiors 
  • Intentionally hiding information 
  • Blaming miscommunication (or anything really) on their subordinates without due cause

That said, I hope that for whatever job comes my way in the future most of the things on the first list will exist while nothing on the second one be present.