I keep listing that I am the modern She-Ra stereotype.  Perhaps I am more a person who aspires to be one.  And that, in and of itself, states that I am one.

Modern She-Ra Stereotype:
A woman who recognizes her failings, but does not let them hinder her from living life.  A woman who allows herself to need others, and knows that her relations with other people are what make her life more complete.  A woman who aspires to be more than she is, everyday.  A woman who is physically and mentally capable of amazing feats and attempts them consistently.  Someone who can work with others collectively, with passion, to solve problems.  A woman who can be either humble or proud of her accomplishments.    

… On another note,
Some days my own self pity makes me sick.
I hate people who are infatuated with their own self pity because they remind me of myself.