After a week of feeling like utter desolation I’m starting to roll again.  Nothing is better than a bunch of great people offering to meet up for coffee/lunch/because they care.  Not worrying to remind me of how great they think I am, because it’s so intrinsic for them, but simply stating that they want to be here to support me.  It was a wonderful feeling, and I would like to dedicate this post to my friends, who are quite amazing and make my life so great.

I’m now at a point, in helping get this business started, that I’ve done most of the work.  Now I simply have tons of learning to do.  I’ve redone the FlamingLunchbox website, created my blog and done most of the research in order to determine the advertising agencies (aka AdSense, Admob and whatnot else).   In other words, I’ve completed most of the ‘work’ work.  Now it’s all reading and writing.  At least, until a new product is published, which should be soon.  Then it’s all roller-coasters and octopus rides until we get a handle on it all.    

A day riddled with Inkscape tutorials, blogging, perhaps a Tweet or two, and some readings for the MIT course.  It sounds like fun.  This all, of course, shall also be accompanied with physical training, playing the women’s intermediate game, and perhaps some Magicka later tonight? :)

It’s not my fault, Robey purchased it and calls it “research”.