Woot is now a norm for my weekly activities.  Adding more and more to the list of what I do each day/week to keep myself busy/involved/creative.

1. Write and post a Blog
2. Tweet Tweet
3. Interact with other Blogs/Twitter’s Tweeting Volks
4. Create and enter the weekly Woot.com T-shirt Derby
5. Learn more about Android/Application Advertising
6. Learn to Program
7. Update the website when needed
8. Make updates to blog as needed
9. Create a Webcomic

Honestly, it may seem like not much, but it’s quite a change to go from production type work, to creative work that requires a larger amount of contemplation.  Probably assumed, it’s true, but nevertheless something I have to remind myself of consistently.

Does anyone else have suggestions on random weekly contests based on creativity that I might enter?