I updated my deviantART profile today.  Within about 10 to 15 minutes I had several favorites and comments.  Woo!  It’s exciting knowing that my graphic art connects with some people out there.  Connecting is exciting! (alright, a little over the top I’ll agree).

It’s been really beautiful outside so it’s been hard sitting inside seeing the computer screen reflect the sunlight.  However lately I haven’t had nearly the same issues I used to have with my depression.  I think I’m doing a ton better.  I met up with some old coworkers recently who chatted with me a bit.  They mentioned how great they felt my work ethic and ability was.  Which was just another reminder that I’m not crazy.  Knowing you’re not crazy = A O K.  
It’s amazing how much I reflect upon that idea.  Depression/manic depression runs in my family.  I think it’s the one thing that I worry about the most: whether or not I’m going crazy.  I’m already a bit off my rocker, but in a positive way I’m sure.  :)
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