Spent most of the morning spamming everyone on facebook because I was creating all of my pages for the business.  It was a helpful reminder that facebook needs options when it comes to cross posting pages I may not want others to view yet.  I may have missed something, but I don’t think I did.  All the things I added, as I was creating pages, continued to post more and more stuff on my personal page.  I feel bad for all those people who watch my feed, because now they are going to be overwhelmed with (for many), things they already know about.

On a side note, I’m really rather sad about the whole facebook vs google war.  I really like Google (for the most part), and I like Facebook, or did.  I’m just never a fan of smear campaigns.  I’ve heard some info regarding both sides, and at this point all I know is that they are starting to compete.  I think most of the rest of the details are unknown (aka why and for what reason...).  Considering some of the ‘programming culture’ described in “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” I noticed that most people tended not to smear others.  Even if their product or whatever was of inferior quality they would simply provide feedback/or none, or simply say good job keep it up.  No one would nay say someone (at least for the most part).  As with many rich minds out there you see the mentality of, “You never know where the good ideas come from”.  If that were to be kept into consideration then certainly 4chan and other such things may not exist, or at least, they might exist in a different nature.  It has its place, however I’m all for supporting rather than putting down.  

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