Part of voluntarily leaving a position, and then applying for unemployment, includes explaining why you think you qualify.  I left my last position because I felt that after everything that happened, I no longer had an option to stay.  I felt that the relationships and my work environment had degraded to a point that my emotional and mental well being were in jeopardy if I remained.   Therefore, I resigned.  I’ve been told that if you can prove that you didn’t have any other option, then you can qualify for unemployment.  So I was interviewed and asked questions to determine if I was eligible.  
Now, after that conversation, I don’t care if I get unemployment anymore.  I’m so sick of having to be reminded of what happened to me.  I don’t care that I started crying while talking to him on the phone.  I don’t like the fact that I admitted to him that I’m scared of going back to work because I’m afraid of being made to feel that way again.
So no, I didn’t go seek a counselor or psychologist because of what was going on at work.  No, I didn’t go and tell someone I didn’t approve of their ruling on what happened.  No, I didn’t try after the initial “accusation of harassment”, because I felt that it wasn’t worth it.  I did my best to let them know what was going on, and to state my case.  They said there was no evidence to support my claims, therefore I decided it was in my best interest to leave the organization.  Even for the people I would have had to work with, that would have been a painful experience.  What would you have done?  
I find it so funny, because after going to take my tests and setting up my ‘I’m an unemployed person’ account, one of the workers there who reviewed it said, “It’s obvious you want to work.  Normally I don’t suggest this but you should make sure to look at the County and City government positions as they come up.”  

*Smacks Head*

On another similar note, it’s so great *note extreme sarcasm* that when a person becomes unemployed, when they really might need the help to talk to a counselor, that’s exactly when your benefits run out and you can no longer get the help you need.  Counselors for unemployment regarding being unemployed, now that might be a good way to help people.  Start a collection of positions that are there to aid people in getting over being unemployed.  How is a person supposed to get the anger and emotional exhaustion out from being fired/laid off/voluntary quit in bad work environment, when they have no one to help them with it?  Instead we drain our loved ones of their emotional well being, just increasing the turn of the cycle of poverty...   
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