I just spent 6 hours working with a program that, upon final save and move to production, noted that it will only allow video editing production when I purchase a subscription.  That is just wicked mean.  Seriously, that kind of advertising is just cruel.    
I should have expected it really, so it’s partially my fault.  Still a bit peeved though.  However, on the bright side I’ve gotten the hang of how I want my video to look.  Now I just have to find a program to make it in.  It did show me just how addictive and fun video making is.  I’ve already planned on adding videos to my blog as a way of supplementing my required creativity regimen.  So, for this entry you get to see my first Vlog (Video Blog).

So I did find a program, it’s called Windows Movie Maker.  Also, no animals were harmed in the making of this film. You can also view this film on youtube at Kitteh Noises.