Today I made a silent movie for our Android Application, Curvy.  About halfway through I started getting a headache and slight nausea simply from restarting the background music over and over again, so I could set the written aspects set up appropriately in time with the music.  I’m still a bit under the weather from it as I write now.  

On a brighter note, despite the head and stomach aches, I rediscovered my drive today.  I found that the creation aspect of making that little ditty was so enthralling, that the one thing that really made me move away was physical illness.  That is quite amazing.  It gives me excitement for creating my next big thing, a cribbage tutorial for the Cribbage website.   

In the mean time, here is my video.  I hope you enjoy, and don’t also have a stomach/head ache from it all.  If you do let me know, I may need to make a disclaimer. ;)