Today we sent out for reviews of our product, Curvy.  Now that High Scores are available I felt it was high time we had some people with the experience of reviewing take a look at it.

Both of us are nervous and yet work/life must go on.  More work to do, more products to create, more funding to find... such is the crux of our situation.  Financing a start up until you actually have enough stuff out there is a bit difficult.  They want to take collateral out on your existing products but we have only a few at the moment.

On a side note I’m doing rather well mentally right now.  Robey has enacted a strict “No TV unless it’s MIT” policy (outside of our Harry Potter review for the upcoming release).  I can read pleasure books if I want and it’s exactly what I’m doing.  I found that not watching TV *amazingly* has made me much more productive.  Seriously, the things you know and yet don’t do.  It’s crazy how often that happens.