Currently I’m spending a ton of time working on a Cribbage Rules Tutorial.  Explaining the rules to this game is more difficult than I expected.  This is mainly because I’m hoping to create a tutorial that is so gosh darn amazing that I can send it all over the Internet and get us a lot of exposure among the Cribbage sites.  

I’m using Wink which, thanks to Phil Shapiro, I learned is a Noble Piece Prize winner,  not to be confused with the Nobel Peace Prize. This little program does pretty much the same things as Adobe Captivate but is Open Source.  Open is also known as adjustable, code available and in this case free.  It’s going well, this Cribbage Rules tutorial creation.  It is, however, one of the more onerous of my tasks and has thus filled up more of my time than expected.  I’m making sure to take breaks so that I can devote true focus to this project.  Honestly, there are loads of people out there who don’t know how to play Cribbage.  That’s just shameful!  Not to mention harmful for the business.  I must encourage the learning of this splendid game.  

I find it saddening that the game doesn’t really exist outside of the English speaking world.  It’s considered mainly an English (aka English speaking, however originating from England) game.  Perhaps we can find a way to cultivate this game in other cultures and find a way to bring about world peace through online game play!  Anyone up for translating a tutorial into their native language?  I can translate it mainly into Deutsch, but I’m so rusty I would need someone to heavily double check my grammar.