More editing and editing to be done it seems.  I was working a good portion of my morning on our ‘Press Hook’ as they are so named.  Thank you Ars Technica for providing a great article on how to do so.  

The more I work to build the business, the more I realize just how many times I need to redo my work.  I learn what I want (first and hardest step really), then I figure out how to make it, and then I make sure that the message is consistent.  With this process the content is slowly but surely getting up on the web, but as it gets created I realize all the other changes/edits I want to make to make it all look better...ah work.  It never really leaves.

For example: when I created my ‘Press Hook’ I went through three phases.  The first was collecting basic information about what I wanted, with some research.  The second was doing more research on how to write a ‘Press Hook’ and writing up a more thoroughly detailed one.  The third was skimping down the thorough second run back into something the Press might want to read.  More, something short and sweet and to the point but includes all the important pieces.

Proud of the final result, but took a bit more brain power than I wish it had.