After my minimal review of Javascript so far, I’ve already learned several important aspects.  Mainly that if someone learned how to use Javascript then only used the W3schools tutorial to learn the rest, they would be sorely missing part of the point.  Javascript, while being a breakdown of the more intense programming languages, is still a programming language.  It still harnesses some of the same power structures in order to process the information.  

For example, in the W3schools Javascript tutorial, they don’t explain why to make sure to use quotes around words.  The reason being because it’s a string, or something that is not to be treated as a number in any way.  But W3schools doesn’t want to get into those specifics, which is understandable.  However I could see simple aspects, such as that, which could create serious problems for those learning how to use Javascript who don’t understand that tiny detail.  It might make debugging in Javascript that much more difficult.  Not to mention that as far as I can tell Javascript has no actual debugging functions within the language, the website either does what you want or not.  Which that... brings up another total set of problems.