Today was another exciting day.  It started out with weeding and watering the garden.  Then it shifted into hanging the laundry.  Then our weekly coffee meeting.  At our weekly coffee meeting we were presented with a pleasant surprise.  Our game, Curvy, in the HTML5 version had just been tweeted by someone with quite a few followers and we were sky rocketed in facebook ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’.  This bumped our total page views up from the 400 a day over the past few days, to over 4000, neigh on 5000 in 12 hours.  
So, Curvy in HTML5!  It’s awesome!  Once we’re more finished with the development, we’re hoping to have the Android version and the browser version both containing the same attributes.  Currently Curvy in HTML5 has an additional aspect, in that you can create a puzzle of almost any size (aka distribution or grid size).  We hope to add in color choice aspects, and local high scores for more fun.  These are ideas on the horizon that we have, and we’ve gotten more suggestions from some wonderful people on Reddit as well.
Here are some screenshots of the game.
If you have any suggestions, you’re more than welcome to shoot us a line via our feedback form, or simply email me (rachael.bergstad (at)  Thanks for all the support out there!