Sorry I was out Friday, and missed posting an entry.  It’s been a long, long weekend.  It was one of those weekends where you want and attempt to get thousands of things done, get hundreds done, and see the subsequent leftovers in guilt.  That on top of other aspects and pains in my life has me at a ridiculous standstill today.  I simply cannot find any motivation.

This is exacerbated by the fact that I need to get on the triangle of learning (like being on the ball but traditionally more difficult and with less options).  Without more learning I continue down the path of unable and non-programmer.  Without it our business continues at the pace of one fast programmer without a buddy to decode his stuffs.  

Totally random thought; one thing I truly dislike is the fact that so many bloggers out there make money off of people looking for solutions, when the solutions are already inside of them.  They don’t need bloggers to tell them what to do.  Sure, they can get ideas, but there are so many useless bloggers out there.

I know that last little set of comments isn’t going to make me any friends out there, but honestly.  For those who blog or read a lot of blogs, is it not quite crazy how many of them write about stuff you really don’t care about?  Things that are so cliche, marketed, and annoying?  Someone told me once that the idea is to stay focused on being unique.  Be yourself, because you’re unique.  Learn from your own uniqueness and others will soon enjoy it as well.  Do you really need to say the things people understand, or is it more profitable to continue to be ‘that weird guy/gal.’

Back to the former topic.  I’m still having troubles finding motivation despite that this past month has been our most profitable yet.  I think the thing that freaks me out a bit is that I’ve already sent out Press Hooks to a variety and non-small list of places to get it reviewed and we’ve only been really noticed by the UK.  How often can you send notices to Newspapers and other such review sites without driving them crazy?      

Back to finding motivation.  I’ve requested that motivation come back and join me for some more regular work hours.  I need you to hang out this time, not visit for a free beer and then skedaddle.  Motivation should come and replace my current house guest, depression.  Yes, it’s back and in full force.  It’s included in it’s arsenal some hate filled sayings, cruel words, and a deep hankering for cheese and chocolate.  You might throw dill pickles in that mix as well.

So what do I need?    

Food will make the depression only take hold even more firmly.  Cruel words and sayings are already out, so the only thing I’ve got there is to decrease the amount of horrid things that make it out of my thoughts.  Took a bath; that was no help.  For today I’m going to go with just knuckling down and getting some work done.  Part of that might include writing more blogs.  In the face of failure, don’t fail.