There are tons of bloggers out there who would give you a list.  They would try to sell you on how to do things to make your business work.  I don’t really care about making your business work, sorry to say.  I’m more concerned with making my own work.  I’ll let you know what seems to work for me, but I’m not saying this will help you in any way.
Get up before 8am.  That helps a ton.  I don’t do it every day.  I’m not always consistent and I seriously see the drain it has on my own work and abilities to focus.  But when I wake up before 8am, and I attempt to work for a while, there is a greater chance that I will feel excited and proud of my day’s efforts.  
Don’t own cats.  They are incredibly distracting creatures that always show up right when you get settled.  They want to be petted, or fed, or paid attention to, and it’s always when you were just getting into a serious work groove.  That said, we own two.  Work can be frustrating at times because of cats jumping onto desks and almost knocking over coffee on a daily basis.

Organize.  If you don’t have some semblance of organization, you’ll never get off the couch/ground.  Seriously, if I start my day with no idea what I’m exactly doing, then I have serious issues getting anything done.  If I haven’t already organized my day, I simply start by reviewing my ‘To Do’ lists and identify my targets.  I also answer any emails and write a blog entry.  Have a couple of things, and get them done.  That way everyday still feels productive.

Don’t expect to move the world each day.  This one is always the hardest for me.  You can expect to get work done, but don’t expect to see ridiculous movement.  You cannot move the world in a day by yourself.  When you’re running/attempting to sustain your own business it makes it even harder.  Just make sure you have some focus, keep working, try to get up before 8am if you can and let yourself take mental breaks.  

Albeit I'm not always great at doing these things everyday. I’m definitely not a guru, I just know what I need.  It works for me, mayhaps you can find it useful.