There is something to be said about a boss who doesn’t cuss at you.  There is something to be said about not being harassed in the workplace.  Conflict at work is a serious issue.

I’ve experienced the drain on creativity.  I’ve experienced the need for utter relaxation from my job, because each day is a chore.  I know how it feels, and because I do it makes me that much more hesitant to create conflict in my current work environment.  Which sometimes makes the stress create poorly timed bubbles ready to blow.  

When working from home it also makes it that much easier for the work, and subsequent stress, to never leave you alone.  As the stress never leaves, you have to learn the things that help you let it go.  If you don’t, you’ll soon be no longer self-employed.  If you have the patience, self-employment is one of the best techniques for forcing you to learn to deal with your anger.    

I do have to say, however, that when self employed you only have yourself to blame if the work isn’t getting done.  You put the hours in.  You know what you need to work well.  Does that afternoon coffee help a ton?  Well, you’re at home and on your own schedule, make sure to take that break.  Does writing about your frustrations and allowing yourself the time to deal with the anger make you more productive and do the things you really want to do?  Deal with the anger, have the needed discussion.  You set your priorities, you finish the details, you make the choices as to what a good product is and whether it’s good or just good-enough.  

Parting words: try to never stay at a job that makes you unhappy or makes you think less of yourself.  A job should encourage you to grow and make you confident that you can do so.  It should not make you feel less able, ever...