This past week has been pretty difficult. Apologies for no posts for two days.  I went back and was reviewing my current mental status in a recent post, and it then it affected my entire week.  Everything regarding my former place of work has been on my mind, threatening me on a daily basis.  It’s taken hold of my focus and shredded it slightly.  Not to mention I ran into one of the people who escorted me off the premises from my previous job at my local hangout.  We noticed each other... and then quickly pretended the other didn’t exist.  Always a great experience.  Despite all, I was mentally capable to send out another round of notifications to all those would be Curvy fans out there (in other words, I sent out Press releases to everyone and their Uncle), and do other work-like things.

In more exciting news, I’ve created (what I think) is a pretty schnazzy Press Release page.  It has all our related materials and it looks exactly like our website!!  Oh my, I’m actually learning how to do HTML and CSS now!  Thank you!  I know how to cut and paste and do quick debugging, it’s crazy!  I think my next step is to start reorganizing the site and then find good and interesting ways to add in some javascript for learning purposes.  You have been warned.

Curvy is continuing to get attention, much to our excitement.  We have over 4,000 Facebook likes now, along with 300 +1’s (Thank you Google).  Curvy was recently approved for the Chrome Experiments website!  We’re also getting almost daily emails from various sources wanting to add either the mobile or the HTML5 version to their ‘collection’ online.  All in all we’re continuously growing and increasing, albeit slower than wanted.  But, we’re still growing.