Here at FlamingLunchbox we have a feedback form.  This forms allows those who enjoy our products to respond with concerns, bugs, queries, and positive or negative comments.  Yesterday we received some feedback, with a request to respond, but no email was provided to respond to.  Therefore we’ve responded within this blog, and this post is in response to that person, who brightened our day.

To the person who said:

“why did you create this game? I spend way too much time playing it. Actually i love it. thank you. “

We created this game so that people could waste time solving puzzles.  Whether that’s at the bus stop or waiting for a movie to start, we want all people to have something they can waste time on.  We hope, fellow Curvy supporter, that you continue to waste plenty of time playing our game.  We will also continue to do our utmost to make the game the best way to waste time.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, FlamingLunchbox