This entry is dedicated to all of our fantastic supporters out there!  Whether you pledged to our Kickstarter project, helped out by tweeting or sharing about it, or both, we want to make sure you all know how very much we appreciate your support.

Thanks to your support we’ll be able to devote the necessary time and resources to creating this software.  We’ll also be able to continue development of our other projects in the time remaining.  Here is a picture of us celebrating!

Here is a picture of our cats celebrating!

Suffice it to say they were not excited, they really couldn’t have cared less.  We did attempt to ‘get’ them excited, but they weren’t to happy about that either.  If you haven’t been to the site recently, here are the final results.  

<iframe frameborder="0" height="380px" src="" width="220px"></iframe>  

Thanks again everyone!