When I start to search the Internet I become overwhelmed.  It’s very much like the feeling I get when I start to research.  There is just so much out there.  So much information, so many people telling me they have my answers.  They know how to fix my problem.  So many scam artists, so many bloggers trying to provide you with what you need.

Then there are those trying to provide you with items, or services that you may or may not need.  They’re selling you.  Trying to win your confidence so you’ll purchase what they have.  Accompanying them is their ever-present expression, fake it til you make it.  How does that work?  Do you actually make it?  Or, do you just become proficient at faking it?  With so many people attempting to make it, the Internet feels as if it’s awash with those faking it.  How do you know the difference?  How do you know I have anything to provide you, for that matter?

All I really hope to do is give you insight into who I am, and what my current experiences are like.  Hopefully you can understand my frustrations and excitements with learning to program, so that either as a programmer or an ordinary citizen, you might understand the other more.  This is my expressionistic catharsis.  Emotional recovery on a public scale.  How else is one to connect with the world if you don’t share your story?