It’s been about 5 days since I’ve had a chance to sit at my computer.  My mother, nigh on 60 years old, had gone to a conference about 4 hours out of town.  Then, after some complications from an old problem, was admitted to the local emergency room.  Robey and I then headed down there to help out, take over her room, pack her things, and deliver her personal items she might need.  She was discharged on Sunday, and we drove her back home.  All was well until the next morning when she was taken by emergency vehicle to the local hospital, as she was continuing to have complications.  After further testing, medication, she is on her way to recovery after the final testing done earlier this morning.  Check my photos link above for pics!

That said, I’m now home, and able to work again.  It seems my mother stresses out too much, which really isn’t a big surprise, and that stress further complicated her recovery.  Her near future includes lots of relaxation, and probably a reassessment of her obligations and plans.  She is not happy about having to start to cut back on some of her hobbies and other projects.  

This experience brought to light some information about a problem called Takotsubo syndrome.  It seems this heart condition, which is sometimes stress induced, is currently on the rise.  It used to be a more rare form of heart disease.  I would deduce its rise in occurrence has something to do with the higher stress lives most of us experience these days.  My mother, while living a rather stressful life is by no means the top of the scale.  I’ve always known about the problems stress can cause mentally and emotionally.  It seems the physical signs are starting to take more presence in our lives.  

So, I’ll be doing my best to calm my own life down a bit, so that I can help my mothers transition to a less stressful lifestyle.  They always chat about stopping to smell the roses, but I think there is more to it than simply enjoy life as you live it.  It’s also about making sure you have a longer life to enjoy.  Take care of yourself, and take time to relax.  It’s more worth it than you may believe.