I read a blog about a man who has been blogging for eight years.  He mentions several times in his blog that for him, his blog is almost purely selfish.  He writes it to connect with others, to create dialog and discussion, and because of how much the writing/connections/discussions mean to him.

While thinking about his message I starkly realized just how selfish my own blog is as well.  I use it to create, to converse, and to process.  Much of it is simply for me.  To make my life better, to bring a consistency and purpose.  I hope to help others through my musings and discussion but that’s all dependent on aspect I’ve no control over.  A person will take what they will from my creations; all I can do is hope to provide something meaningful.

That brings me to the next discovery that I’ve come upon.  The idea of creation simply for creation’s sake.  The understanding that, yes, there is a ton of crap out there.  Without society continuing to create, we will not develop.  There are more of us, and therefore more crap, which just means that the more we try and the more we learn, the better chance we have of providing or producing something meaningful.  

Enough of this self doubt and concern that everyone else has already done it!  I’ll continue to write my blog.  I will continue to create and produce other things.  I will continue to try and experiment.  I will produce a mountain of trash if it means I can eradicated my uncreative thinking, for then I will have released my innovative soul.  

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