As I mentioned in my last programming related entry, I’ve noticed that there is a serious difference between a good application and a Great one.  It mainly stems from how much work was put into the final touches of the program.  A person can create an effective and good application, that solves most of your problems.  But if they, say, forget some of the linking that is needed between items, leave drop down menu arrows without an actual drop down menu, or choose not to actually provide you access to archived information you’ve written then they go from good to somewhat annoying.  It’s exactly this case with googlegroups.

Our business has a forum on googlegroups for our Kickstarter project.  I’ve been using this application for just over a month now and I have one thing to say, once you submit something via the ‘reply to author’ button, you’ll never find that text again.  We attempted to search for some kind of archived file within my email, we looked on the website, and we checked in the googlegroup official forum.  It seems that the information is not archived at all, and hasn’t been since 2008.

One of the great things I find about Google, is the ease with which you can use their products.  They work hard to make their products fluid like, and they normally do it well.  However for older products, that might be on the way out for them, it’s hard to find a way to contact them about problems that arise.  

Some of these ideas are still great, they just need some more work.  Google is a great company, and can provide great products, but they are starting a trend that doesn’t look good.  I’m not saying that all their products need to be hits, but they put such a big spiel on each of them.  Now many of them are being remembered.  They are still providing some stellar services with their search engine, gmail, googledocs and in my opinion google+, but for them to become Great would be to start developing some of their smaller projects into more full applications.  Don’t leave them by the wayside, keep working on them, and at least make sure that someone is available to received comments about concerns/problems.  Have a contactus email or form, please!