I was sick the other day, yet I still posted an entry to my blog, and I still worked on what I could.  In all honesty I didn’t work that much.  I was incredibly foggy headed.  I even missed a soccer game!  Not working that one day left me feeling incredibly behind, more so than I’d ever felt at a normal job.  If I was at a normal 40 per week job I would have thought, it’s okay I’ll get to it tomorrow. Nothing I can do about it now.  

Right now it doesn’t feel like it’s an option to get sick.  Every lost hour is another hour until I can create a product that will finance my food and living situation.  It’s a painful realization after only working in the standard 40 hours per week workforce.  If I get lost in thought, or distracted because of something small but relative, it makes it that much harder to get work done.

In other words, if you’re not working at your most focused, highest level, you’re not working hard enough.  If you take time off to read a book, you may be recovering but your work load doesn’t magically get picked up by your co-workers.  You won’t make the money to put food on the table, and you most definitely won’t be paying rent this month.  While invigorating, I’m not sure what I think about this new pressure quite yet.  

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