Lately I’ve been kind of caught up reading a ton of my favorite books from when I was younger.  Staying up til 3 or 4 in the morning sometimes, simply to continue reading.  The next day I keep going, mentally and physically, I’m somewhat tired, but the passion about reading isn’t going away.  If feels like it’s becoming a problem.
I used to have this problem during high school and college as well.  By this problem I mean, I would hide books I was reading in other things, or read them during class because I would finish my homework.  That kind of thing.  Now, if I’m not watching a TV series in succession I’m reading a book series, enthralled by the storyline.  Am I escaping, am I retreating into imaginary worlds to live?  What is it that these books that I crave so much?
It’s amazing how when we’re younger our parents kept emphasizing that books were great for us, because they stimulated creativity and passion.  Getting obsessed with books was a wonderful thing.  Slowly as you got older, it wasn’t as cool anymore.  Finally now I feel they play the same role that many TV shows are trying to play.  They are story lines that suck you in.  Now they are simply distractions and not accepted as building blocks.  As an adult you are expected to simply consume and produce.  You are supposed to support the economy in whatever way you most appreciate.  Find a way to support society, while still having ‘fun’.
Why is it, then, that I get so book obsessive?  Why is it that sometimes I can’t set my story down?  Because unlike many things, this one has an end.  There is an end to this book, and you will get to it.  You will be able to satisfy your curiosity about these characters, and learn what makes them tick.  I guess the way to make your real life more interesting is to find a way to feel the same about the things you’re working on.  Find a way to see an end, even if temporary.  Find a way to have small steps, things that show accomplishment.  Find a way to receive satisfaction.  

Small Goals, it’s all about the small goal (even if it means memorizing 5 new things about what you’re working on, hey that’s 5 new things you know).
Up Next Time: More stress fun