Over the past week I’ve been fairly busy working on a revamp of our company website.  We’ve finally decided on a look/color scheme along with logo for the company, and it was time to start getting everything on the same page.  The beginning of this ‘branding’ was the creation of our business cards.  We fell in love, pretty much, with the colors and theme for our business cards and decided to start bringing everything else in line with it.  
Front  Back
We originally thought our business cards were unnecessary, but I started designing them in my spare time.  They ended up doing more for us than was expected.  Not only did they help us to get more excited about the business, but it also helped us to see what we were working towards.  We started to get a feel for what ‘FlamingLunchbox’ really was.  After that we started bringing all of our other media outlets into the same theme: first the twitter account @flaminglunchbox;  then the FlamingLunchbox blog; finally the website.  The website still has some Javascript and other do-hickeys to insert, but you can check out a sneak peak on our Curvy Press Packet page.  Creating our image made me more proud of our business than I can explain.  I’ve found it’s also a heck of a lot easier explaining why I’m working to be an independent game developer when I have a business card to hand someone.    

Up Next Time: Why it’s okay to quit your day job to be an independent game developer (or just self employed)