Recently I’ve noticed there are a few articles (okay a ton), on the Internet that talk about how it’s possible to be an independent developer without quitting your day job.  Of course it’s possible, but is it worth missing all the other things you get to learn by quitting the day job?  Although I appreciate and admire the tenacity that those people show, I feel that there are other very important gains one gets when being entirely self employed.

You learn how to be self dependent.

Do you hate that day job, or just it’s accoutrement's?

How scary is it not having any health insurance?

Is it important that you make the hard decisions?

What do you really want?

I never really had the time to address these questions accurately until I became a part of FlamingLunchbox.  Once I did, it’s amazing how much more fulfilling my life was.  There may be many scams out there trying to convince you to make money quick, or people who feel they have the answer for you, and some of them may have those answers.  I feel like all you need is a little time to learn more about yourself.  Take that time, and figure out what you want, and learn to rely on yourself.  Then you can do anything.