So, if you hadn’t heard, I recently began working for a local pharmaceutical company as a German translator.  They work with some German speaking companies and I help them out with whatever they want me to do.  Much of what I do is translating documents from German into English.

I really enjoy working with German again.  It’s a great challenge, and I have a fair amount of control over how my work hours for them interact with my other job (FlamingLunchbox stuffs).  However I still find myself with a kind of brain-drain at the end of it.  I find it difficult to transition from one mentally taxing project to another.  The best that I can come up with, so far, is to either do my translation more in a couple of days and then leave another couple of days free for FlamingLunchbox work.  Entirely free, that way when the brain-drain occurs, it’s only related to one particular aspect.  

It’s a little difficult for me to follow that pattern consistently however because my new job has varying deadlines.  Thus it makes following an actual schedule more difficult to maintain, but not impossible.  More of my days actually filled with work entirely.  It’s not all that bad, simply....draining.  Sweet weekend, you’re here.