Betwux two worlds is a sea of foam.  A place where the warm fluffy ocean tickles your hips and calves.  The sun is both rising and setting, whilst it warms your back with midday strength.  The sky is a rich mixture of yellows and pinks and blues.  You are awake and yet asleep.  Floating on foam that feels like oil yet with a fresh sting like arctic water.  Scents of a salty sweet sea, you relax in a Candy-Land.  One of dreams and passions enriched with the fat of youth.  Yellow brick pathways towards growth and adventure, to fanciful places and far-out landscapes.  British Taxi’s take you from country cottage to Highland manor.  Tropical birds swoop into your Siberian menagerie, delighting upon boiled peanuts and flower petals.  Your hound-dogs transport you on hunts as your horses chase your prey.  Through a glass flask and back again out the other side.  Traveling midst the depths of thought and time.  Waves propel you forwards and Betwux.