I’ve been working all day on this math game.  As promised here is a  little more detail about our game.  First I’ll show you a couple of sample spaceship images.
These are a couple of our spaceships that are invading.  The spaceships come across the screen towards your base.  Your base will fire rockets at them and blow them up, but only if you answer the supplied math problem.  There is a choice between simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  In the future we’re hoping to add in ‘ten pair’ practice and number/letter recognition.  This game is mainly aimed at providing a fun alternative for learning needed math skills for my nieces and nephews.  

There will be a calculated score shown.  Spaceships will explode (minor javascript stuffs), and I’m aiming at shooting rockets towards them once a correct solution is submitted.  There will also be a print option so that my nieces and nephews can play the game and practice, then print the screen to show their parents how many points they’ve scored.  That way parents can use it to track practice.  Points only go up with correct answers, in more difficult settings incorrect answers will take away points (and in the future create additional ships coming towards you).

My hope is to offer a couple of adjustment options in the Menu bar, mainly difficulty setting and the ability to specify problem type.  In total I’m hoping to get the rough version out on Thanksgiving.  My translation services haven’t been in much need this week, so I’ve devoted myself to developing this game to jump start my jQuery/javascript education.  

In the future I will be adding a tutorial option, so that people can learn how it works (mainly so that younger children can learn with fewer spaceships in the beginning and move up to more difficult levels).  I hope to add simple shining stars, possible multiple ships per row, sharing tools, and maybe a way for a person to keep track of their total score (or a way to share that as well).  

Up Next Time: Symbol shock and subsequent javascript woes