Learning how to code javascript (and understand it’s inter-connectivity with HTML for pulling in user input) has been something else.  First off I began this exercise by learning how to use a new text-editor, Vim.  Next I also had to start learning how to use my programming knowledge and match it up with a new language.  Previously I had been reading up about javascript on W3schools, and had gotten through most of the basics.  Just last week I started learning a bit of javascript and jQuery to add some bits to our website.  

That was definitely not enough to have me sufficiently prepared for the symbol shock I later experienced.  These past 4 days have been filled with consistent questions and checking for syntax errors.  In all honesty I don’t know why someone felt it was necessary to make semicolons such an integral part of this language.  Sometimes it just makes the screen feel ridiculously busy.  Maybe it’s just me as I’ve only really learned python at this point.  Python doesn’t have some of these additional curly bracket/semicolon requirements that are a necessary part of javascript.  

I think one of the more difficult parts of javascript so far is simply learning the different terminologies to use when I want to do certain things I would have done in Python.  Such as using console.log() instead of print.  Or learning how to take in information from the HTML and how to alter it in the javascript(JS).  Learning when to create firm CSS or when to not create any and just create a div that you alter in the JS.  

So yes, plenty of new things to spark my brain into activity.  Today I’m hoping to finish creating the particles that come into existence when a ship is blown up from a correct answer, and also to create the bombs that hit them.  That means some additional graphical creation, but that’s just play work at this point.  Despite working pretty consistently to learn as much as I can and finish this project by my deadline, I don’t feel like I’m working.  I already feel like I’m on vacation, because what I’m doing creates so many instances of ‘woo I just made it do that’ excitement.  I guess this is what finding your dream job is like.  Never knew I would find it in programming.  Glad I never gave up on learning new things.  :)

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