That’s a very good question, because it almost feels like all the other things on my Todo list keeps getting longer.  I think by February I might have things together a bit more so I can actually focus on just learning python and creating games/writing for the blog.  Much of what is on my todo list hasn’t been done, as half the time I’m realizing more of what I need to do while I’m doing it.  Like creating a pallette directory for our webpages/games.  If I were more experienced I might have done them before publishing, once they games/sites were created.  Not so for newbie me.  Here is my lovely Todo list.  
  1. Fix website bugs I just found (oh joys)
  2. Start working on Blog revamp to be more in-line with our main image
  3. Create images for the Kickstarter Betwixt logo/icon
  4. Collecting needed information from Kickstarter Backers to mail items
  5. Start ordering items for backers
  6. Mail items to backers
  7. Create a pallette directory for all our sites
  8. All the additions I want to do for my new game (not going to list here, it’s too long)
This list is obviously not including all the normal daily things like business bank account interactions, site-traffic monitoring, updating of facebook/twitter regarding business type activities, responding to emails, and so forth.  I’ve got the feeling that until I get the Kickstarter stuffs out of the way, and my blog revamp I won’t really have time to work on python programming.  This makes me a very sad person.  I’m going to try, but my apologies if I don’t post things about MIT python learning for a while.  Instead I guess you’ll hear me yammering on about FlamingLunchbox this, and pythonliving that, and shamelessly plugging ‘oh my just check out this cool thing, no seriously click here’

Up Next Time: A new problem I’ve discovered....dreaming about programming