One thing I’ve learned about programming is that those who are in it tell jokes in sarcastic ways that most other people can’t understand.  Much of it comes from the knowledge behind it, like many jokes of that nature.  The really humorous thing is that I’m starting to get the jokes.

There was a joke that I found on stackoverflow (a site for programmers asking questions of other programmers) via reddit.  The gist of the ‘joke’ was that someone was asking how to do something fairly simple with basic programming/javascript understanding, and the first suggestion was to use jQuery, which had over 3000 something up-votes.  The humorous thing about this is that the problem was so simple that by suggesting for the person to go use a library like jQuery just to solve his problem was seriously overboard.  He could have done the same by simply understanding even basic if and while statements, and javascript for that matter.

Had I not already learned basic stuff with javascript from writing my game, I don’t think I would have realized just how really ridiculous it all was.