Sometimes I find it amazing just how much mood can affect productivity.  Earlier this morning the sun was shining brightly through the window, and warming my back.  The rays were so stark they enforced my backbone and encouraged a good dose of healthy productivity.  Once the sun left, however, all I could think about was curling up on the couch and staying warm, crocheting and enjoying some chai.

Your mood can affect you, but the moods of others heavily affect you too.  The sun may be shining brightly, and your eyes may be all aglow, but if some social interaction sets you off you may start noticing how cold it is outside sooner rather than later.  Then you scrunch your eyes and huddle your shoulders together as you try to stay warm, and slowly you start to stress.  

Then there is the ever present hunger issues.  When someone gets hungry they get grumpy, and life gets more difficult.  So, remembering to eat at the right times, staying out in the sunshine, finding a way not to let others affect you through it all, when all you do is stress about becoming stressed when do you actually have time to do the work?

I know, I know, I’m not trying to just complain here, just noting the things that I feel I fight EVERY DAY.  Yes, they’re simple things, but when you’re interacting very closely with one other person, and the health of that relationship is what makes the bigger difference in your business, then it’s stuff you pay serious attention to.  You want to make sure that both of you are fed, correctly and well.  You make sure that you don’t affect their mood, or they yours.  You also make sure to have your sleeping schedule set up just right or else each day will be just that much harder.

If these things are difficult to maintain, is there a change you can make to improve things?  Or is simply hacking away at one thing after the other as much as you can until the glacier starts receding?

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