It’s kind of ridiculous how the holidays sneak up on you.  I realized today that even though I have most of my holiday shopping done, most of my holiday projects are far from done.  This means that on top of getting all the work related items I need to get done finished, I also have a fair amount of textile craftery to do.  

Robey and I have started to run a mile everyday.  It’s fantastic.  We usually use it as a midday break.  After working about 4 hours in the morning we go and run, take a shower, and then get back to work for a while.  I really like it.  Getting out running while it’s sunny out, and as it’s Oregon at the very least we’re getting outside.  Luckily we haven’t had any issues with running in the rain, only the cold.  

Working slowly on my game.  Today I was supposed to talk about how creating a pause function is really annoying more difficult than it should be, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Also, to note, it is now officially 12 days till Christmas.  12 days.