The best thing you can do in life is understand that judgement happens.  Worrying about when and if it happens shouldn’t be on your mind.  You should simply recognize it as a fact, and then get back to whatever it was you were doing.
Granted, me saying this doesn’t mean I’m the best at implementing it.  In all honesty I have more problems than the average bear in the worry department.  I worry all the time about how my interactions will affect others, or what I can do to make things better if they go awry.  
The sheer amount of how much I worry is so large, I am already fairly certain it means I am going to die younger than I should.  I do my best to mitigate it, but it fairly often feels like a losing battle.

How do I let go of the worry that people are going to judge me?  The best thing I’ve learned, is simply to nip the problem in the bud by doing something about it.  Then if I feel I’ve addressed the expected judgement I’m concerned about, if they still respond negatively it doesn’t get to me.  If anything I just feel sorry for the person not realizing I’m doing my best to work with them.

How do you nip it in the bud?  If you’re concerned that someone is going to judge you for something silly, and perhaps chat about thus stuffs with other people, simply communicate with them about it.  Notice I don’t say confront them.  Confrontation is probably the best way to shut someone up and make them not listen to what you’re saying.  

Find a way to ‘suggest’ to them that they may not be correct in their opinion about you.  If you’re concerned someone may not want to be your friend that you would enjoy a friendship with, send them a facebook message or quick email saying that you would enjoy their company at such and such an event.  Do it in a very laid back way, emphasizing that if you don’t see them it will be sad but that you hope to chat with them in the future.  Making it an email or facebook message, versus a tweet, makes it more personal.  It makes the person feel that you take them seriously, that you are interested in getting to know them better.  

Lastly you have to be honest about all of this.  If you are disingenuous about any of it, it will shine through.  If it really matters to you the other person will know.