An interesting difference between the iPhone and Android App application process is the difference in icon and logo requirements.  There are some iPhone design requirements (rounded corners, drop shadow and shine) that are automatically applied to your icons once submitted.  Android design requirements are described in much heavier detail, as they have you create your images based on certain specifications first before upload.  They have you implement the drop shadow yourself.  An interesting difference, however, is that Android in ways allows for more flexibility in image type.  Your icons and logos don’t have to be perfect squares when first submitted.  They can be triangles, or hexagons and so forth on.

While the iPhone visual requirements make their product more streamlined, this does enforce very limited amounts of creativity regarding your product image.  Android, on the other hand, allows for extended creativity and a more varying image in the market.

From my understanding the programming languages are also similar in comparison.  iOS seems to be made more for the use of people who are more experienced in graphical design and display, whereas Android allows for much greater flexibility within the code and seems to be directed more towards programmers.    

Suffice it to say, I’m finishing up the adjustments needed to the iPhone/iPod Touch Curvy icon image requirements.  It always amazes me just how much detail there is regarding some aspects of image creation.