One of the interesting things I’ve found about the Internet is that there are two different camps out there.  There is a group of people who say they support start-ups or indie gaming businesses (which I would argue are different entities altogether) and actually support them.  Then there is the group that says they support them, but any time they see someone who is learning and may not know what they are doing yet, they have a tendency to be a total jerk.  

I’m not posting this because of personal negative comments I’ve gotten, as many might believe.  I’ve just started to realize how many people out there are afraid of the typical Internet response to anything.  They are afraid of judgement, and thus they don’t act, they don’t try.  They prevent themselves from doing something due to fear, even if it’s something simple like dancing like a maniac in a small area just because they want to dance.  

With FlamingLunchbox I know that Robey and I have made mistakes along the way.  We’ve done our best to do well, to research, and try to make the best decisions.  But, lets face it, if you’re starting something on your own, in a field that doesn’t have a local community college course (or even one that does), you’re going to mess up.  You’re not always going to get it right.  The difference between making it, or at least giving it your best, is by continuing to try even when you make mistakes, are criticized and doubt yourself.

I guess what I wanted to start by talking about all of this was that there are so many people out there who supposedly purport to nourish start-up growth.  But what they really do is they choose to only support those who already half know what they’re doing.  Those who are already halfway there, they’re the safe bet.  But that’s not what a small business America is supposed to be about.  What will make a start-up community truly flourish is when people stop caring whether or not the particular start-up may know what they’re doing, but really you should look more towards the passion and effort they exude.  Give people a chance to make something of themselves, even if they have to stumble.  Don’t give up on them.  

People can crash and burn when attempting something great, but they’re not a failure.    Failure is when you don’t even try.  Be willing to crash, be willing to risk yourself entirely.  Most people I know still have parents/family/and friends to fall back on if the worst happens.  We don’t live in a third world country.  

There is no reason

that we can’t attempt to do something great with our lives,

if we really want to.