New Year’s resolutions are nice.  They help you get excited for another year.  You get to review and possibly revise your priorities.  However, I think people don’t do nearly enough of reviewing the awesome things they did the year before.  Celebrating what’s already happened.  In some ways, New Year’s resolutions are exciting because they get you excited for making changes in your life.  Changes that possibly didn’t occur the previous year.  What if everyone also took the time to review what they accomplished and what they were proud of.  It almost feels like that needs to happen first before any re-establishment of this years priorities can occur.

What did I do this past year?  I challenged my perceptions about the world, and myself.  I started out the year by asking myself if I wanted to work in a job that made me extremely unhappy, where I felt like I was being disrespected and degraded.  I realized that I didn’t want to.  

So I changed my life.  I quit my job and started working full-time with Robey on FlamingLunchbox.  I started learning how to program.  I started a blog, which I’ve now written over 180 entries for.  I’ve learned how to use graphic editing programs (mainly Inkscape and Gimp).  I learned how to do HTML, CSS some Javascript and to understand a little jQuery.  I helped to create and market a Kickstarter project, which was later fully funded.  

I am now a partner in a small business.  I’ve learned about how to set up a business, and some of the steps necessary to maintain it.  By no means an expert, but at least I’m starting to get an idea as to how much work it really is, and how satisfying it can be when you make it work.  

I also gained the opportunity to start translating.  I’ve wanted to find a way to incorporate German back into my daily life, and I was very, very lucky to get this.  I feel like my brains on fire, and that my brain is now consequently a phoenix so that I don’t totally loose all brain power.

Regarding my personal life I would say I’ve learned more about forgiveness.  That is a continuous and hard lesson to work on, but it’s made my heart much happier.  I’ve learned how important a good friend can be.  I’ve also learned how to fish, crochet a pineapple pattern, and I’ve canned more food this year than I ever had previously.

What have you done?