First off, my apologies for this past month. My entries have been all over the place due to holiday and family stuffs, as is natural, and I've been neglecting my duties as a blogger. Secondly, this is my first officially written post from 2012. I am writing this on my birthday getaway with Robey in Rockaway , Oregon. We rented this smaller Condo for a couple of days during midweek (because we can being self employed), and are currently enjoying coffee while staring at the ocean on a Tuesday morning in January.
So far 2012 is going splendidly. A relaxing birthday where I spent the day hanging out with friends and family, and the next day where Robey and I packed up and ventured out to our little getaway. My current sleeping pattern since the New Year leaves much to be desired, but I have no fear that I'll be able to jump on board my resolution of starting work at 8am once I return to work in rainy Corvallis on Thursday.

Is there not something incredibly inspiring about the ocean? The strength of the waves and the power they exude when crashing against the sand, it almost makes me feel like I did when watching the end of 'Return of the King' in theater for the first time. That's such a great movie...*sniff*.